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EMC2/Mach3 CNC Motion Control Solutions


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Automation and Control Solutions

 Engineering Installation Service - Repair

 Over 25 years of Automation, Software, and Controls Experience working for you!

(Ask about our 6 Axis PC Based Motion Control Solutions)

Software Engineering, Testing, and Installation
    - PLC, MMI, Custom Soft and Hard Motion control solutions
    - CNC Machine retrofits using EMC2 or Mach3
    - CNC motion control software development

Electrical Engineering Design and Installation
    - Control Panel Design, Layout, Fabrication and Installation
    - Custom PC design and assembly for specific needs

Mechanical Engineering Design and Installation
    - 3D Cad prototyping design and documentation
    - Weldment design and fabrication

System Drawings and Documentation

Expertise in Diverse Industries:

General Machine and Machine Tool

Food and Pharmaceuticals

Metals Processing

Paper Converting

Welding and Fabrication

Oil and Gas



Transfer Line

Assembly Line


Plastics and Rubber

Expertise in Diverse Automation and Control Technologies

Process Controls Continuous control PID, SCADA
Discrete Control PLC, Ladder Logic, IEC 1131 PLC languages, HMI
Motion Control Soft Servo, CNC, Electric Servo and Stepper, Hydraulic Servo
Drive Control  - VFD, Vector AC, DC
Network System Integration

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Cole Controls Inc.     
13229 Page Rd.    Grabill, IN  46741
Tel: 260-627-8399  Fax: 206-666-3267

Experience with the following Major Automation Suppliers:  

Siemens Simatic
Allen Bradley
Automation Direct
Texas Instruments/CTI PLC 500/505 based PLCs
Parker Compumotor, 6K, ACR9000, etc
and many others.

Also offering these Specialized Services:  

  • Siemens S5 System debugging and repair
  • Siemens S5 and TI 505 PLC System conversion

  • Siemens customized S5 and S7 PLC Training

  • Texas Instruments 5TI PM550 TI500 TI505 program modifications and retrofit solutions 

  • HMI, MMI, Industrial/Commercial  Video Screen Interface development using commercially
    commercially available software or standard software tools such as Visual Basic, C++. 

  • Realtime, Soft PLC, PC based control solutions

  • Industrial Computer Solutions, custom design, configuration and programming

  • Industrial and office PC integration with industrial controllers and peripherals using OPC, DDE, and NetDDE via Ethernet, and Profibus via copper, wireless, or fiber networks.

  • Software solution implementation, with products such as WinCC, WinCC Flexible, WinAC, C++, Visual Basic, and many others.

Call us at:   260-627-8399

We'd be happy to discuss your Industrial, Commercial Control, and Automation needs.   If for some reason we can't do what you want, we probably know who can!




2 Axis + Spindle Motion System - Build, Mockup, Program and Test


Installation and Test

MMI Panel Build, Program, Mockup, and Test